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The Final Solution Stephen Weinstein

The Final Solution

Stephen Weinstein

Published December 28th 2004
ISBN : 9780962281327
208 pages
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 About the Book 

The Final Solution speeds the reader along a nuclear path of intrigue and double-dealings that align countries, multi-national corporations and political and terrorist organizations for a common purpose: To stop an Israeli scientist and his small nation from developing a revolutionary new source of energy. When Ari Ben Lev makes a breakthrough on a top-secret project hes been working on for his government, it seems like the answer to his dreams—the solution to the worlds energy needs—a fuel cell that can provide an endless supply of cheap, pollution-free energy. It would change everything for him (or so he believed): validate a lifetime of failure, secure his place in history, make him rich.But this new energy source would also mean the reshaping of political and economic power: Arab nations would see their wealth and power disappear overnight. Russia, its number one source of hard currency, vanish. Oil companies, their lifes blood no longer pumping. Economic uncertainties would send shock waves through world financial markets. His discovery would not only signal an end to carbon-burning fuels and dangerous greenhouse gasses, it would signal an end to the dominance of those countries and industries that control these resources … a prospect that for some is tantamount to a declaration of war.From Israel to Palestine, from Russia to Americas seat of power, the players come together: Roger Glass, CEO of RGI, a leading U.S. oil company- Jabal Hussein, a Muslim Fundamentalist bent on the destruction of Israel- and General Alexander Primikov who would do anything to become the next president of Russia.Ari Ben Levs discovery, the answer to his dreams, is to become his nightmare:Only a few hours left until the end of the world, and Ari knew he was responsible for ending it.It was of course an exaggeration. The world would not end. The globe upon which he stood would keep spinning, other than for a few momentary shrugs and the ensuing clouds of dust and heat. Most people would wake up and learn of what had happened from their radios or televisions. Others would read about it in their morning papers over a cup of coffee. But in one small part of the world, a part that had suffered from religious wars since recorded history, the part where Ari Ben Levs wife and child lived, the conflict would finally come to an end. The Jewish State, and several million Arabs in reprisal, would cease to exist . . . Unless, somehow he could stop it.