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銀蝶奇談 [Ginchou Kidan] Rie Honjou

銀蝶奇談 [Ginchou Kidan]

Rie Honjou

Published June 8th 2007
ISBN : 9784862631985
121 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

華麗なるカリスマ男娼・銀蝶に群がる超一流の男たち…でも銀蝶が身近に置くのは、無骨者・惣一だけで!?遊郭で繰り広げられる、性技だけじゃない「秘め事」をご開帳!人気集中の夜烏編・単行本用描きおろし+男娼淫美和絵+学園ラブ「ほれて通えば」も収録!From Mangaupdates :1-3) The Tale of Silver ButterflyThe Heavenly Jade Pavillion is the house for many beautiful hustlers and their protectors. Patrons come in nightly to take advantage of the culture and beauty of these hustlers. These men share their love nightly, but are they allowed to fall in love?4) Darkness and ObscenityIn the Heavenly Jade Pavillion there are many beautiful hustlers and their protectors, each with their own talents and mysterious lives. The lovely S&M hustler, Yagarasu, who hides his eye behind a patch, is visited by a man from his past. Why is Yagarasus past appearing now? Will he be given a reason to put aside his whips and chains and only give pain to one man?5) Afterword6-7) Blue Sky LoveAsamine has had a one-sided crush on his best friend, Fujishima, for the past year. Finally, Asamine confesses his love, but runs off before he can hear Fujishimas answer. Will Fujishima accept Asamine as a lover? How long will Fujishima need to think about it?