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Die große Liebe John Sedges

Die große Liebe

John Sedges

318 pages
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 About the Book 

A look at the married life of a New England white couple of the early 1900s in four chapters. Each chapter takes a look at a different time in their marriage. The first chapter is their engagement/marriage. The second chapter looks at their lives with young children. The third chapter looks at their lives as their children are ready to marry and grow up. The fourth portrays marriage with an empty nest. It is a realistic book about love and marriage. I would compare it to Joy in the Morning which was also about a white couple in the early 1900s except that Joy only covered the engagement/marriage phase of love and the couple came from a lower class of white people. There is discreet and modest mention of sex and sexual tensions common to marriage. I wonder if the portrait of a once common marriage painted by Ms Buck is now rare. I think that what she wrote is valuable to those who believe in marriage or want to believe in a healthy marriage. The kind of marriage portrayed in the book is possible and does still exist among those of us who want it. The Chinese wish a married couple the happiness symbolized by a pair of ducks. A healthy marriage happens as two different people begin to swim together and find happiness in what they share instead of asserting their differences. This book shows that as a process of time.