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Sir James M. Barrie - A Bibliography B.D. Cutler

Sir James M. Barrie - A Bibliography

B.D. Cutler

Published March 1st 2007
ISBN : 9781406770001
248 pages
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SIR JAMES M. BARRIE A BIBLIOGRAPHY SIR JAMES M. BARRIE A BIBLIOGRAPHY WITH FULL COLLATIONS OF THE AMERICAN UNAUTHORIZED EDITIONS BY B. D. g. UTLER NEW YORK GREENBERG PUBLISHER To Villa ACKNOWLEDGMENTS The formality of making written acknowledg ments does not seem sufficient to convey the com pilers real appreciation for assistance so willingly given him. It is only to be hoped that those who helped will not be disappointed by the collected result. Among those collectors and booksellers who have helped me I wish particularly to give thanks to Mr. T. W. Schreiner of New York, Mr. M. L. Par rish of Philadelphia and Lawson M. Melish of Cincinnati. I am further indebted to Mr. Alexander Woollcott who, by the way, is not an English actor. I have also been aided by James F. Drake, Inc., Mr. Grant of Duttons rare book department, Mr. Whitlock of Scribners rare book department and Mr. Whedock of Charles Scribners Sons. I have been very fortunate in being able to hold interviews with Mr. V. M. Corycll, John W. Lovcll and Frank F. Lovell. These gentlemen were active in the nineties and contributed much to American publishing history. I thank them again, here, for their assistance. I wish also to extend a word of gratitude to Mr. Charles Martd, Chief of the Catalogue Division of the Library of Congress. New York City January, 1931 CONTENTS FOREWORD 3 A NOTE ON THE AMERICAN PIRATED EDITIONS . 6 BIBLIOGRAPHY 13 COLLECTED EDITIONS 193 PREFACES AND INTRODUCTIONS 207 BOOKS ABOUT J. M. BARRIE 215 PRICES AND PRICE TRENDS 223 ADDENDA 235 INDEX 237 SIR JAMES M. BARRIE A BIBLIOGRAPHY FOREWORD Following in the footsteps of another is not, perhaps, the most pleasant of occupations, but at least it has itsadvantages. In the present in stance, where a Bibliography of Barrie is the purpose, the compiler has been greatly aided by Mr. Herbert Garlands previously published work on the same subject. Without the guiding influences of Mr. Garlands book this volume would not at the present time be possible. Chiefly, this compiler has been concerned with the American editions of Barries works, the sifting out and pinning down of the vast amount of piratical publications which were the forerunners of the authorized Scribner editions. And when it is considered that descriptions of the Scribner publications demand for them selves a large amount of space, it will be seen readily that the material supplied by America is sufficient to constitute a book in its own right. A book, yet not a Bibliography. Hence the Eng lish editions, with those corrections and addi- 3